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Friday, October 7, 2016

Top 5 Rides That Are Better At Night

5. Test Track
This ride is mostly indoors, but everyone's favorite part where the car tests speed goes outside. And zooming over guest's heads at night with the track all lit up in neon is very cool experience.

4. The Jungle Cruise
I have ridden the Jungle Cruise at all times of the day: first thing in the morning, at sunset, at night, in the afternoon...and nighttime is my favorite. The atmosphere is very different and adds to the feeling that you really are in the middle of a jungle. The dark may make it more difficult to see what your boat will encounter next, but that just adds to the surprise and excitement.

3. The People Mover
All of Tommorrowland is just better at nighttime. The neon lights and stars overhead can make you feel like you are in outterspace. All of Tomorrowland becomes more vibrant and exciting at night. The People Mover takes you all around that land to see just how stellar it is.

2. Dumbo
Why would you ride Dumbo during any other time? The water fountain surrounding the ride lights up in a rainbow of different colors. This definitely makes the ride more fun!

1. Tower of Terror
Okay so much of ToT is indoors. But sometimes during the drops you can see outside. You can see the rest of the park from the top of  ToT and seeing the view of a lit up Hollywood Studios from over 100 feet in the air is stunning. Also, riding at night adds to the spooky feel of the attraction.