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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

News of Pandora's Opening at Disney's Animal Kingdom

I am very excited that Pandora’s opening is successful. As a DAK Cast Member in 2015, I got to see the construction and models for the land. All of my coworkers were excited, as was I. The news was eventually revealed to the public. But unfortunately, a lot of the general public seemed either angry or unenthused about Pandora. I was taken back by the response. Didn’t they know how amazing this would be? Because of the poor response to Pandora, I was nervous for its opening.

I never needed to be nervous. The response has been overwhelming. Crowds have been huge. It takes a few hours to even get into Pandora, and then another few hours to wait to go on a ride. As I write this, the wait for Flight of Passage is 4 hours. The land hits its capacity before noon.

Not only are people lining up for miles to experience Pandora, but good word of it is spreading. There seems to be nothing but praise in all the online reviews, despite the annoying size of the crowd. People are saying Flight of Passage is “the best ride I’ve seen so far at Disney” (Orlando Sentinel). Critic Matt Cabral of  Hollywood Reporter said “as anyone who's ever tried the Grey Stuff at Fantasyland's Be Our Guest restaurant can imagine, Disney has delivered on this vision with unparalleled detail and incomparable immersion”. The Huffington Post congratulates “the teams of creative people that brought Pandora to life” and says that “Pandora - the World of Avatar serves as a metaphor for the issues we face here on Earth”.

Of course, everyone knows that the best part of Disney is the hard work the Cast Members do. " A Disney World spokeswoman said Saturday afternoon, “Thanks to our dedicated cast members and talented Imagineers, we’re excited with the enthusiastic response we’re seeing from our guests who are enjoying the fun and immersive experiences of Pandora – The World of Avatar”.

I personally have not had the chance to visit Pandora yet. I might not for a while until the crowds die down (if they ever do). Have you visited Pandora? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!